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Elite Premier Event 2014

What a remarkable weekend for me! I had the pleasure and honor to participate the launch party in Duxford on 22nd of November.  Even the early launch participants had to wait almost 90 minutes before in front of the gate as the opening was at 6pm  I already had some great chats with Liam (aka Mobius) and his amiable wife, best greetings to you both from the “German Herman” 😉

After getting the wristband I reached again the Airspace hangar in nocturnal atmosphere.

As next we got some drinks (champagne or orange juice) and some finger food including Mini-burgers. Roaming around with food and drinks between all the aircraft breeds a nice flavor.

At this stage I also met the first time in person himself the senator Drew Wagar and his wife. Not to mentioned that I have also backed his great novel Elite: Reclamation 😉

Afterwards the hangar doors to the Elite arena were open and there it was the 1:6 model of the Cobra MK III with great background music and effects.

The agenda of the event was  shown at the beginning of the event and the party began.







In my opinion the live stream of the show via Twitch.Tv was done very professionally. The people at the event were amazing, open minded and even as a German guy I felt truly welcome at this place. At this point also  my best greetings to the Lave Radio team and by the way thanks for bringing me up in your show, as well as John aka Kerrash Landing and his wife. It was real pleasure for me to met you all in person.

Last but definitely not least I met David himself in person and it was like the cherry on the cake for this event. So again this was a veritable Saturday in end of  November 2014.